Apr 18 2019

Coral Island Music Video!

Super big shout outs to Scott Anderson at Enjoy Creative & Brenna Linton!

Apr 18 2019

Merin Acoustic Live Session!

Super big shout outs to Jen Doerksen & Buio Assis at BNB Studios!

Apr 8 2019

New Single released!

Video for this song coming soon! Tour announced ( SEE BELOW )!


In the past year, Merin has gone from Cole Zachary's basement pop project to a energetic indie rock quartet. Bridging the gap between noisy '90s nostalgia and sincere bedroom pop, Merin is ready to win you over.

Merin has created a sound that resonates with a wide audience, young folks excited by a raw indie-rock guitar-driven sound, and generations who grew up in the 90s, with a garage band and plaid shirt attitude; a sound easy to grasp but complex in it’s delivery. The band has been consistently gigging since their inception this past year, and their live show is energetic, passionate, with a touch of melancholy. Their new EP relefects this unique dichotomy, and there is something for everyone.

Merin is currently gearing up for their cross Canadian tour and EP release in spring 2019, and will begin working on a debut full length record for 2020.

"This charming group quickly brought audience members forward toward the stage. Their songs were simple but never lost the crowd’s interest. They built up and up until the endings which left lasting impressions." - Stylus Magazine; live show review

Old flowered couches and wood panelled basements; fuzz pedals and your older brother’s tape collection; modern nostalgia for a grown-up generation, Merin is who you want to hang out with on a Saturday night and remind yourself that life can be pretty alright.


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